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Again, not to be confused with Kernel Networking, NOR, Network devices. This is the ethernet card selection.

Just like scsi use common sense if your card is a 3com, select it, and kill off the others. I have intentionally shown the most popular cards by a country mile NE2000. They are so popular, they come in three flavours. ISA, ISAPNP, and PCI.

PCI is a total nobrainer the module ne2k-pci.o covers it with NO paramaters. ne.o is the 2000 ISA module and *is* subject to paramaters.

ISA(PNP) is like all ISA cards subject to the ISAPNP write up. Don't be smart, read the Steps.

You will not get past this panel without reading /usr/src/linux/Documentation/ you have been warned.

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