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This is the main panel from a 2.2.14 kernel. Earlier (and later) kernels can sometimes differ in features supported. (In a very minor way) We aren't trying to build a nuclear reactor here, so don't really care that USB or INFRA RED is selectable or not. These panels will suffice for all kernels.

Incremental compiles.

PAY ATTENTION to the bottom right corner. For some unknown reason many people have a blind spot to a fantastic feature. You can make some conservative changes, save configuration to file, and later, load configuration from file and continue with incrementally more aggressive pruning of your kernel. Here's a tip. If you touch nothing on any panel you will get a garanteed compile to work on your system. As shipped by the distro (Caldera, Redhat et al), the system comes pre-configured to compile correctly. Try it.

IN THE PANELS that follow, not everything is displayed. This is NOT an oversight. If the option is not shown it means it is either greyed out and irrelevant OR, you are expected to answer N to it's selection.

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