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I would like to say set and forget here, but, these devices still linger. Here's some news for you.

Most if not all, rely on a tertiary ide interface on a sound card to operate. That sound card is way past use by date, it consumes at least  30 % of the processing power to operate and swallows a valuable interrupt. So bad in fact that Wintel were required to lay down the law as to what was acceptable 'multimedia' behaviour accepting only Wintel approved sound cards as being less than 20% of cpu resources.   You can't be hypocritical about this. If you don't like the idea behind Winmodems, you can't agree to this behaviour either.

Second. Laser diodes employed in CD-roms are dead after 2 years. Any working longer than that are a miracle.  Yours is about on it's knees, is already not reading some weak (splotched tracks) on the cd, and is the reason why you were handed the box in the first place. Throw it out.

Third. A brand new CD operating at least 10 times faster than what you're wasting your time fixing here is US$35. Where exactly are your priorities?

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