Another error (sorry I am taking the pills) the panel should show AHA152X = M

Obviously if you have no scsi, this entire panel will be greyed out. So in that case skip and forget.

All I have indicated here is AHA 152x support. A very cheap, very common low level scsi card. Popular on just about all cheap hardware. I have one installed, connected to a panasonic CD7502 burner. No further panel is displayed since they are all card-only selections.

Now the hard bit. Use common sense. This panel shows 1 million scsi cards. Some made before you and i were born. You only need (and only should) select THE card you have. Scrap everything else. The actual driver required can sometimes be obscure (in the example above for instance, the 152x supports AH1510 !!! )

The only way you get past this scsi panel is to read /usr/src/linux/Documentation/scsi/<specific card>

ISA(PNP) is like all ISA cards subject to the ISAPNP write up. Don't be a smart arse, read the Steps.

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