This is huge by any standard. Follow the money trail folks, this and ethernet cards is where OEMS make it. Sound is the holy grail for most where they can cash in on yet another variant of the venerable sound blaster. They're cheap, easy to manufacture and everyone wants one. So you pay the penalty of 13 billion varieties each ensured to not work with any other (just like ethernet cards).

I have intentionally selected a biggie. The AWE64. First it's popular as hell with audiophiles. Second it's sound blaster, third it uses 'a lot' of the never ending panel down to part 9 !!! and fourth it needs a little more, typical of many cards.

Don't be smart if you have ISA sound anything go to ISAPNP you dont go past this step till you do, you *are* wasting your time and fortunately not mine.

Don't be smart if you have AWE64 go here.  a little care and reading will do wonders.

Finally, recall that you can select everything module. If it aint used, it aint used.

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