Submitter: Jeffrey S. Gilton

  1. Download the install image from Adobe*
  2. Undo the archive with gunzip and tar (or tar xzvf)
  3. If you are not root, then log out and relogin as root or use su command.
  4. Change to the directory that is created
    • cd INLIXR.install
  5. Run the install script (You don't undo the TAR files it creates. The install script takes care of this. This will install under /usr/local if you don't tell it to put it somewhere else.)
    • ./INSTALL
  6. Then, create a link, /usr/bin/acroread, to let me run the program with a command
    • ln -s /usr/local/Acrobat4/bin/acroread /usr/bin/acroread

To get this to run with Netscape, you will need to set up a helper. One of the TXT files included with the distribution tells you how to do this.

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