From: Peck Dickens <>

Here are a list of programs related to hardware I have used through time that I have found very useful. You can get them as source at:

cpuburn-1.3.tar.gz A user program to maximally load an x86 CPU to generate maximum heat for stability testing
dram-1.00.tar.gz changes your dram refresh rate for speedup
lcdpanel-0.50.tar.gz driver code to drive LCD panels from the parallel port
scsi-idle-2.0.34.tar.gz spin down SCSI disk after idle period.
scsifmt.c send format and other low-level SCSI commands to a device
scsistop-0.3.3.c a low-level SCSI drive start/stop program
set6x86-1.3.tar.gz sets 5x86 and 6x86 config registers
watchdogrt-1.1.tar.gz watchdog program for real-time applications
update-1.3-spindown-patch.gz enables HDs to effectively spin down by delaying the flushing

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