Web page creation is hotting up in linux, here are brief accumulated jottings from the mail group in choosing specific editors and environments.

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From: Keith Antoine <>




From: Kevin Donnelly <>

In Linux, Netscape's Composer will do basic wysiwyg pages, but it is limited by the fact that it is aging now (first came out in 1996/97), and uses Netscape's version of (D)HTML, which adheres to standards even less than MS does.

Amaya  I have found to be very unstable, and I would not consider it for a working environment.

The best text/tag editor I have come across on Linux so far is definitely Bluefish .  The problem is that once you have used a wysiwyg environment you would not go back to text/tag for production purposes.  Yes, I know that doing raw HTML is supposed to be very good for you, but it is simply too slow, and beyond basic pages keeping track of table layouts is very difficult.

For those completely new to scripting, and trying to get some sort of handle on PHP, I would highly recommend PHP Essentials (Julie C
Meloni), from Prima-Tech's Linux series.  This is a very slim book, but it beats books like Wrox' PHP Programming hands down, because instead of talking *about* PHP it actually shows you how to start *using* it.  It would not be appropriate for more advanced users, because it goes over each script in exhaustive detail, but that is precisely its benefit for beginners.  There is also quite a good support site at

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