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From Mike A:

Every so often, a superb piece of elegant software comes along. This is one of them. I am not 'into' grafix and pictures so the results don't interest me too much. However, it's easy to recognise brilliance when you see it,

This tiny script file (circa 30 ines) will auto generate an entire thumbnail library in html with directories piccies the lot. I am totally blown away by power of this simple bash script.

I have provided a download here simply because it will not cut and paste too well on standard browers, the lines being quite long (like all html)

An adittional utility, 'tidy', not entirely required, is at

you can also get it from the SxS site

It cleans up scruffy html pages, and considering the quality of this thumbnail code, it would be well worth the download.


1) fill a directory with all the JPEG images you want to be thumbnailed.

2) change to that directory and type

makethumb <no paramaters>

(eg wherever you put the script, execute in in the CURRENT directory)

it will create

If you want to convert (dot)png to (dot)gif you CAN!

simply alter the self evident lines in the makethumb script to do so.



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