From: "Bruce Ascroft" <>


I created the following list of common commands as a reference for vi:

hjkl      Move cursor one line up/down or one space right/left
0(zero)    Move cursor to the beginning of whatever line it is on
$          Move cursor to the end of the line
42G   Move cursor to line (or another specified line)
G          Move cursor to the last line in your file
w          Move cursor forward to the first letter of the next word
e          Move cursor forward to the end of a word
b          Move cursor backward to the previous beginning of a word
-          Position cursor at the beginning of previous line
+          Position cursor at the beginning of next line
42I   Position cursor at column of current line (or another specified
L          Position cursor at lowest line displayed on the screen
M          Position cursor at midpoint on the screen
H          Position cursor at the highest line on the screen
fb    Move cursor forward on the line to next (or to another specified
Fb    Move cursor backward on the line to previous (or to another specified
/word Move cursor forward through text to next instance of word
?word Move cursor backward through text to prior instance of word
n   Move to the next instance of the pattern identified in a previously
issued /word or ?word
''    (Two single quotes) Moves the cursor to the previous location in the
CTRL-D     Move the cursor down a block of text in a file
CTRL-U     Move the cursor up a block of text in a file
CTRL-F     Display the next screen of text in a file
CTRL-B     Display the previous screen of text in a file

a          Insert text to the right of the cursor
A          Append text to the end of the line
i          Insert text to the left of the cursor
I          Insert text at the beginning of the line
o          Open a new line below the cursor
O          Open a new line above the cursor
cw    Change the current word
s          Substitute for a single character
S          Substitute for an entire line.
cc    Substitute for an entire line (same as S)
C          Change the rest of the line (from the cursor position forward)
ESC   Escape from insert mode and return to vi command mode
:read file Read the contents of file into the current file
:#read file Read the contents of file into the current file, below line #
dd    Delete current line of text
#dd   Delete # lines of text
dw    Delete one word from text
#dw   Delete # words from text
x     Delete the current character
#X    Delete # characters from text
r          Replace the one character under the cursor with the next
character typed
u          Undo; reverse last textchange action
U   Undo; reverse all text-change action on the line, if you have not moved
from the line since it was last modified

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