From: "Leon A. Goldstein" <metapsych@earthlink.net>

(Revised 07/26/01)
    1.  Security Alert:  Changed /root  Permissions after Installing WP8.1
per WORD PERFECT 8.1 FULL INSTALL  how-to (10/16/01)

A WP8.1 user brought this to my attention.  After installing WP8.1 per
my how -to, the permissions of /root were changed to 755, allowing
"others" access.  Before installing WP8.1 check your /root permissions
and restore them after WP8.1 is installed.


     Attached is my step by step for installing the "full" version     of Word Perfect 8.1 that comes with Corel Linux "deluxe" on     Caldera OL2.3 and
eDesk. I believe that there are many Corel Linux deluxe users who would like use the "full"  version of WP8 on other distributions.


"HOW TO" for installing the "full" Word Perfect 8.1 bundled with Corel Linux "deluxe" in Caldera OL 2.3 or eDesk 2.4.  These are proven
installations.  It may work on other distributions as well.

The same procedure will work on Debian distributions e.g. Libranet.  There is obviously no need  to convert the packages to RPM. 

NOTE: Word Perfect 8 is not "free." This procedure is for use by legal owners of Corel Linux "deluxe" who have removed their Corel Linux
installation and want to salvage their copy of Word Perfect. Further distribution either of the original Word Perfect 8.1 Debian packages or
the RPM packages produced by following this procedure is a violation of the Corel license.


1. Copy the following 6 Debian packages from the Corel Linux "deluxe" Installation CD to a temporary directory:


NOTE:  The Debian packages are located in:

CLOS 1.0:  /dists/corellinux-1.0/corel/binary-i386
CLOS 1.2:  /dists/corellinux-1.2/corel/binary-i386/editors
and  /dists/corellinux-1.2/corel/binary-i386/text

The wp-manual Deb is not in CLOS 1.2

2. Download and install a copy of Alien if you do not have it.

NOTE: alien 6.59 works. Earlier or later versions may NOT work.

3. Execute alien -r on all of the Debian packages.

4. (Optional) execute rpm -qlp type1inst; should install in /usr/bin

5. Execute rpm -Uvh  type1inst OR: click on the RPM and use KPM.
   (KPM seems to work OK w/o nodeps)
|   NOTE!: If  in the next step KPM or the RPM -Uvh  (dpkg -i for
|   Debian)  returns an error, it is probably because the distribution
|   does not  have the necessary libm.so.5 or libc.so.5 WP8 needs.
|   These are old libs, and many distributions do not include them .
|   WP8.1 INCLUDES these libraries, so try to install the wp-full RPM with
|   -nodeps or for Debian with dpkg -i --force-depends.
|   Next, add the line  /usr/lib/wp8/wpbin to /etc/ld.so.conf and run ldconfig

6. Execute rpm -Uvh for the two WP-full and three fonts RPM's Clicking the RPM's on the Desktop invokes KPM, which
seems to work. NOTE: install the wp8-manual RPM after the wp8-full RPM. If it complains, click "replace files" in KPM. Installation of WP8.1
"Full" will place the word Perfect files in /usr/lib/wp8

7. Execute cd /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Type1 ;  execute type1inst

8. Execute /usr/X11R6/bin/mkfontdir

9. Execute /usr/lib/wp8/shbin10/wpfi

NOTE: this creates the file /usr/lib/wp8/shlib10/wp.drs

10. Create a desktop icon: Word Perfect desktop icons are already available in eDesk 2.4.

After installing WP8.1,  icons are available in /usr/X11R6/share/icons.
Execute is: /usr/lib/wp8/wpbin/xwp (xwp -adm for root)
With KDE 2, you only need to type xwp (without the full path)

11. Use COAS to create a "generic raw printer"

Post installation issues:
a. SuSE 6.4 : install shlibs5 (group "a")
b. Type 1 fonts may not print: print graphically or try other printer
driver. HP Deskjets (520, 855C) work fine with "generic raw printer" in
eDesk 2.4.
c. Other Linux distributions that print through Apsfilter may require
using the "print graphically" option to print the Type 1 fonts.

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